Motivational Tools for Weight Loss

As you reflect on the past year, the success of your 2017 resolutions, and consider your resolutions for 2018, how many of you realize you didn’t lose the weight you hoped?

Couldn’t stick to the diet? Joined a gym but stopped going months ago? Didn’t achieve the fitness goals you hoped for?


Of course unforeseen life events get in the way of your goals, but, for many of us, the lack of motivation fades, or we don’t have the motivational tools to achieve what we set out to do. So, here are some tips to help you with your weight loss, and fitness goals going into 2018.


Nowadays, you often hear that “losing weight is 25% exercise, 75% diet,” or figures to that effect. Most of us want to lose at least a few pounds. And, while the daily workouts of only an hour -- for the majority --  are not a pastime of choice, they are certainly easier to adhere to than the other 23 hours that involve sticking to a diet.


So, why do some succeed when others fail time and time again? You try the diet that worked well for your friend, but don’t achieve the same results? You know you managed to lose weight years ago, but now you just don’t seem to have the same willpower? The new regime goes well for a couple of weeks, and then collapses.


If you are exercising, and you have a healthy, low calorie diet (these days most of us know approximately what we should be consuming – just open a diet magazine,  Google, etc.) with small portions, a balance of foods, no junk items, and remove the items that are your downfall from your daily menu, the only thing missing is motivation. This is the difference between a successful and failed weight loss story.

Firstly, have short-term, specific, achievable goals. Simply going on a diet “because you need to lose weight” without a clear time frame or goal in mind usually doesn’t work. Amongst my clients, I see that the most successful are women, who come to me shortly after giving birth and want to regain their pre-pregnancy figure, or those approaching their 40th or 50th birthdays and want to look good for this milestone. I see brides or mothers-of-the bride or groom, who want to look their best for this big day. They have a specific date to achieve this and a picture in their head of the final result. This provides the motivation they need so that with an effective exercise program suitable to them, and a diet, also appropriate to their preferences and lifestyle, they can achieve their vision. These people are less likely to skip workouts. Skipping workouts can also make you become lax with your diet. But, remember just because you can’t make a workout, you should not destroy your diet!


Log your progress so you can see your results, which in turn leads to motivation. Record whatever is important to you – weight on the scales; your measurements; distance, time or speed of cycle or run; number of pushups or pull ups performed – whatever is relevant to your goals. You don’t need to reward yourself with a ‘’cheat meal,” but, for example, the action of buying a dress or trouser size smaller can be motivating. Even moving a notch on your belt can be a mental reward for a week of hard work! If your goal is to get back into a certain item of clothing, then occasionally try it on.

Find what works for you.


Weight loss and body reshaping is not something that can be approached half-heartedly. It has to be a priority in your life. Be accountable for your actions. If you are relying on a friend to share the journey with you and they miss a shared workout session or decide to succumb to chocolate cake in front of you, it is not an excuse to momentarily lose sight of your vision also. Every time you “cheat,” you are another day away from achieving your goal. Clients tell me they sign up with me so that they can be “accountable”. Then they skip their appointments. “I had a last minute meeting” or “I think I am getting sick.” Always make up the session, whether it is your regular workout or something different, to replace it even if you do something at home.


A good personal trainer can help you devise individualised exercise programs, healthy eating plans, and motivational ideas designed for you. we are all different, and no two people respond in the same way. A good trainer can keep you focused. Employing a professional means you can achieve your goal more efficiently and effectively in the minimum time required.


By, Anna Louise, Fitness Consultant





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