Best Kept Secrets of Cairo

It would be a surprise for you if you came across an ice rink in Cairo. I know. It was quite a surprise when I went to Family Land for the first time. I was really surprised when I saw the ice rink. I asked Mum, ‘Is that seriously an ice rink? It is too hot here!’


On November 7th, I went ice skating with some friends and my sister. As you should know, if it is not freezing the ice will melt. Outside it was warm, but inside it was really cold. 

I am learning how to skate.  A man who helped people came to help us if we needed it when we were there. They gave a bit of a lesson and had this kind of improvised walking chair thing to help you learn. 

Why don’t you try?

How much money? ½ hour is 30 LE, 1 hour is 50 LE, for skate hire and rink use.

Phone 011 50339955

At Family Land, Corniche Side of Maadi, (near to the Military Hospital)

Downstairs and to the left of the cinema,

Ahmed Bahgat Street 

(For the quickest directions, look Family Land up on Google Maps)

  • Royal-Club Mohamed Aly

    Most Cairo dwellers have at least heard talk of the famous Royal Mohamed-Aly Club, a relaxing oasis that is often home to various festivities.

  • Golf-cation Turned Touristic Adventure

    With Egypt’s tourism at a low in recent years, even as nicer weather starts to creep through Cairo’s streets these past two weeks, it is up to Cairo residents and companies to gather and develop creative plans to draw tourists to the city whose streets feel like home to all.

  • Rallying the Eastern Desert

    It’s not common to go on a trip from Cairo to Gouna and come back on the same day. Apparently, though, if you’re a desert rally racer, this is just part of your usual routine. You know, wake up early, drive 450 KM to Gouna, then take a turn into the desert, practice aggressive driving and navigate for another couple of hundred kilometers until finally driving back 450 KM home. This is exactly what I experienced/ got to experience when I decided to ride along with my friends from Gazelle Rally team in one of their practice sessions.

  • Social Entrepreneurs for Society and Society for Social Entrepreneurs

    “Every society can fix all their problems,” Amgad told me. Can it? More than 5 years after the Egyptian revolution of 2011, when the people gathered at Tahrir square to take problems into their own hands, things appear not to be so. When I speak to Egyptians today, I am confronted with countless problems.


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