Top 6 Schools Serving Maadi

As the new school year approaches, parents around Cairo will be looking to enrol their youngsters in one of the many English speaking schools Maadi and the surrounding areas have to offer. To help choose the school which best suits your needs Maadi Messenger has compiled a list of The Top 6 Schools serving Maadi. Below, are listed six of the best schools, in no particular order, teaching an English, American curriculum or the International Baccalaureate program, and accredited by respected international educational body.


Cairo American College
A breakdown of the top 6 schools in Maadi has to include Cairo American College (CAC). The oldest of the institutions listed, CAC has been a feature of Maadi since the Second World War. Built in the heart of Degla, CAC boasts impressive sports grounds within its walls for its 845 students. The school is a recognised educational institution in the United States and just under half of its pupils are US citizens. Just over two thirds of the school are international students, the rest being Egyptian nationals. The staff at CAC are  predominantly American and made up of internationally accredited teachers. Pupils enjoy a large sports ground, complete with separate playing fields, a large outdoor swimming pool, and inside sports area, as well as extensive music and arts facilities. CAC also concentrates on educating children internationally, and arranges numerous trips per year for students to destinations as far away as Europe and North America.
Cairo American College, Street 253, Degla, Maadi; (202) 27555507/08;

Maadi Community School
Maadi Community School (MCS) is the smallest of the schools listed, something which the school prides themselves on. The pupils at MCS are brought up and educated in a familiar nurturing environment. As a Christian school, faith is a strong part of the curriculum, and the headteacher Felicity Jaffrey believes this is the main reason why behavioural issues such as bullying are such a small problem at MCS. The school is internationally accredited by AdvancED who reported last year that MCS’s scores for ‘teaching and learning’ were the highest in the world. Although MCS doesn’t have the large facilities available at some of the other schools listed, their modest grounds are used to greatest effect with a strong focus on a connection with nature. In addition to play/sports areas there is also a small garden for the students to learn about growing plants and vegetables, a hydroponics set-up on the roof, and an enclosure in which they keep hens. Unfortunately, MCS is only able to accept students with non-Egyptian citizenship.
Maadi Community School, 10 Street 77, Maadi; 02 2358 5911;

Maadi British International School
The Maadi British International School (MBIS) is one of the smaller schools listed. Currently 330 pupils are enrolled, from ages 2-13 with 50 nationalities represented. MBIS benefits from a close, family ethos and patronage of the British Embassy. Their facilities are extensive, with a purpose-built nursery, sports hall, playing field, cookery room, science lab, theatre, heated indoor swimming pool and Apple computer suites.  The English National Curriculum is offered, enhanced by a wide range of after school activities and trips abroad. MBIS is the only dedicated preparatory school in Maadi, and a member of The International Association of Prep Schools, as well as a full member of the Council of British International Schools.
Maadi British International School, Next to Wadi Degla Club, Zahraa Al-Maadi; 00 2705 8671;


Modern English School
The Modern English School (MES), based in New Cairo, currently teaches over 2,000 pupils spread over their primary and secondary programs. Their students are over 90% Egyptian but all study from the English, American, or international curriculum. Buses carry pupils to MES from all over Cairo. MES is accredited by a number of different bodies, including the British department for education and AdvancED. The school boasts a 400-seat theatre, two swimming pools, four sports halls, as well drama studios, design studios, and a computer suite. Trips abroad are offered throughout the year to countries all around the world. Average class size for primary school pupils is 26, and 17 for secondary school.
Modern English School, South of Police Academy, New Cairo; 02 2618 9600;

American International School
The main campus of American International School (AIS) has been running for 25 years. The western campus was opened in Sheikh Zayed seven years ago and between them they educate  just under 3,000 pupils. The curriculum used is American (Virginia State) alongside the international baccalaureate (IB) program and Egyptian national requirements for Arabic. They are accredited by the Middle States organisation and the Council of International Schools. Both campuses are in the process of being expanded, with the New Cairo campus building around 25 new classrooms, a new pool, and a gym for the new school year. Over 70% of pupils at AIS opt to take the IB program, for which AIS  claims the best results in Africa. AIS is part of Education Service Overseas, and is  able to function more efficiently than other stand-alone schools as a result. Of their pupils roughly 80% are Egyptian, 10% are American and 10% are from other nationalities. AIS also puts great emphasis into their ‘Week without Walls’ program, in which pupils are taken on trips as far away as China to bring their education out of the classroom.
American International School, Adjacent to Police Academy, New Cairo; 02 2618 8400;


New Cairo British International School
The New Cairo British International School (NCBIS) currently has more than 60 nationalities enrolled. Of these, 25% are Egyptian nationals (not including dual-citizenship), 12% are British, and the remaining 63% are from other nationalities, giving NCBIS a strongly international feel. In addition to the IB program and the British curriculum, they offer a Dutch stream for primary children from the Netherlands. Classes have a maximum of 20 pupils, the school has a large playing field, sports halls, theatre, swimming pool, music studios, gym and more. All teachers are qualified to teach in the UK and a favourable teacher to student ratio is maintained. NCBIS puts a strong emphasis on their CAS program (Community Action Service) and make numerous visits to local community projects and charities.
New Cairo British International School, Road 17, 1st District, New Cairo; 02 2758 2881;

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