Keep your skin looking healthy

    Of course, it’s summer! Show off your skin but keep it moisturized with sunscreen. Wear sunscreen daily.

    Face mask and face scrub is a must, once or twice a week. Try natural ingredients – sugar and kiwi seed, peppermints, coconut oil, and lemongrass.

    Consider wearing a broad-brimmed hat and UV-blocking sunglasses.

    Cool Baths.

    Exfoliate your face with a face scrub weekly.

    Let cleansing be the first step in your skincare routine

    Switch to gel facial cleanser for summer

    Purify your skin and face from oil and dirt

    Apply Lip balm and lip color formulated with broad-spectrum sunscreen SPF to protect your lips from the sun

    Shine without make-up. Let your natural, beautiful skin glow with a small amount of moisturizer.