Because every moment counts

Valentine’s Day – a thought that sends a cold shiver up the spine of men and brings a warm glow to the hearts of women.

While everyone is baffling around trying to figure out how to make the most out of the occasion; trying their best to make it a day to remember, this year, we decided to make it all easier for you.

Because we know that every moment counts, Kempinski Nile Hotel is preparing for you a very unique program for Valentine’s Day. Even though there is nothing wrong with giving flowers or candy or gifts, think about the gift of time – a romantic meal, a shared cherished relaxing time with your loved ones. At Kempinski Nile Hotel, we got it all taken care of.

Enjoy a relaxing and extravagant time with your partner at our Private Spa suite that will detangle the tension with 50 minutes of soothing massage, followed by 30 minutes of refreshing scrub and exhilarating orange juice.

Have a mouthwatering experience in a dinner date at our exquisite venues, with a wide variety of delightful options. You can have a taste of the authentic Ottoman’s signature platters at Osmanly restaurant, or a classic atmosphere at our Blue Restaurant, enjoying a luxurious dinner date.

We are saving the cherry on top for the end – enjoy the gills of jazz at our jazz bar for a musical date jamming to the melodies of Michelle Rounds goosbump-ing voice.

For reservations and inquiries, please contact: (02) 27980000 or visit FB page @kempinskinilehotel