Great Ways to Stay Productive during Summer Break


It’s Summertime, and though the idea of completely forgetting about school and learning excites students, it may not be the case for their brains. These extended breaks in a child’s education over the summer can cause “learning loss” unless children engage in activities that will continuously develop their academic skills.  Activities such as reading different kinds of literature, journaling, and creative writing while relaxing at the beach or a park can enhance children’s Literacy skills. Activities that give children the time to practice their Numeracy skills such as doing Mental Math or just a simple trip to a grocery store where they are given the task to calculate and pay for the goods can help them practice those skills. It is quite vital that parents provide these opportunities and create positive environments for children to ensure that their holiday is both fun and productive.


We all know that one of the biggest problems students face is being productive during summer break. They feel overwhelmed and stressed out when they return to class early in September. Fortunately, this can be avoided. All the students need to do is to keep their mind sharp and productive during summer break.


There are a few ways children can stay productive during this summer break:


  • Exercise.It’s nice to take advantage of the excellent weather by going hiking or camping


  • Find a new hobby. New hobbies are practical ways to spend free time. You could learn how to rock-climb, take up lessons in a new instrument, or find new books to read. It’s good to see a change of scenery, as new hobbies, new places, and interactions will naturally boost your productivity.


  • Summer day camping. The camps are designed to enhance children’s creativity, challenge their athletic capabilities, build their confidence and sense of responsibility, and strengthen their teamwork capabilities. Summer camps offer an array of subjects based on a child’s interests and abilities.


There are plenty of activities to be chosen from during the summer break that will enhance children’s productivity and let their mind stay sharp and have a smooth transition when they return from their summer break in September.


Jay Casiano & YuliaPastushchyk

Class teachers of year 4, St. Fatima British School