Chinese Cultural Center in Egypt wishes you all “kung hei fat choy” meaning Happy New Year!

The Chinese cultural center in Egypt was established in 2002, and is “the first cultural center established after the millennium.”

With diversity being the nature of the earth, a need for cultural understanding and interaction is essential. That is why; the establishment of Chinese cultural center in Egypt prioritizes the goal of enhancing mutual understanding and bridging cultural gaps between Egypt and China, through bringing the very heart of China’s culture over to the Nile. Starting with language courses – “we’ve rendered Chinese language courses for over 15 years,” art exhibitions, martial arts, music, dance classes, specialized seminars, and writing workshops. Since its opening, the cultural center has become a platform for cultural exchange. For example, about eighty activities were organized in 2018, featuring Egyptian and Chinese authors, music groups, artists, literacy workshops, Martial art competition between Egypt and China and many more.

Here is what you should know about Chinese cultural center in Egypt

  • They provide subsidized Chinese language courses for Egyptians and foreigners
  • Practical language courses for touristic purposes
  • Martial art classes twice a week
  • Traditional and standard music classes
  • Art and Painting classes
  • Organize workshops, seminars, and concerts
  • Chinese movie night twice a month, Registration is online.
  • Open library


Vision and Programs

“With 35 cultural centers around the world, from the African continent to Europe and beyond, friendships are built, relationships are strengthened, and culture is shared and enjoyed by everyone,” says Mr. Shi Yuewen, cultural counselor to Egypt, during an interview.

“In order to support our vision of cultural exchange and interaction with the Egyptian people, we organize forums where we invite Chinese professors and Egyptian diplomats to talk about issues related to the economy. We bring in famous authors, artists, and inventors from China to hold workshops and seminars. Every two weeks, we show new updated movies with a high technology that enables viewers in Cairo to watch simultaneously with China. This movie night is free with only 100 seats and open to the public.”

Last year, among the many events that took place, was an enthralling horoscope, made by Egyptians and Chinese. This past January, there was a women’s Kung Fu competition between China and Egypt. Mr. Yuewen also mentioned that the cultural center is bringing in an instructor to teach Chinese indigenous instruments and dance; the origin, which can be traced back to the Han Dynasty 206 BC. “All the activities we administer are very influential in integrating the two cultures. From organizing music concerts where Egyptian and Chinese group performs, to singing competitions, to language storytelling, in which we award contest winners a free trip to Hong Kong.”


The Big Events: Spring Festival 2019

The Spring Festival is a very special day for Chinese all over the world. And it is about giving and celebration; marked with music, traditional dances, ringing of bells, giving of gifts, and letting off firecrackers. Estimate one-sixth of the world’s population celebrate it around the world. It is also recorded the longest holiday in the Chinese Lunar calendar, and last for about a month.

This elaborate festivity, beginning from the last week of January through February, is in the heart of Chinese-Egyptian friendship. With a great deal of patience, anticipating what the cultural center has put together to welcome the New Year. Mr. Yuewen proudly to me, “We’ve already started activities to welcome the New Year. The celebration starts a week before the New Year until the fifteenth day. During this period, the cultural center will have nine big events. Starting from January 19 to February 23, we will have Horus Cup China – Egypt Wushu Sanda Competition, a Spring Symphony Concert, a week of Chinese and Italian cuisine, and many more. On January 29, a special banquet to celebrate Chinese New Year. January 30 is a three days carnival in Sharm el Sheik. Last year, we lit Cairo Tower with red lights on New Year’s Eve. This year, we are going to have a massive ceremony at the Muhammed Ali mosque in Autostorad. Red is our color. Our dress code, decoration, and lights will all be in red. In addition, the Abbot Shi Youngxin heads Song-shan Shaolin Temple Warrior Monks Troupe to participate in the Aswan International Culture and Art Festival.  Not to forget our Dragon Boat event on February 23 – 2nd Chinese New Year Cup River Nile International Dragon Boat Festival. All these activities are going to be held in Aswan, Sharm el Sheik, Alexandria, Cairo River Nile, Red Sea, and the Mediterranean Sea.”

Spring is a season of new life, colors, and new beginnings. So, as the beauty of spring arrives, and Egypt streets become playful and colorful – join in the celebration of newness!

Happy New Year!