Each month an Egyptian charity is highlighted to receive contributions given to the gold basket fund.  The designated charity of the month receives all the gold basket contributions that come in that month.  The gold basket gives the community an opportunity to participate in aiding the needy in Egypt. Shams el Birr for the Handicapped is the designated charity for the December Gold Basket.

This center opened in 1991 as a residential center for eight blind children. The society became concerned about other poor and vulnerable, disabled people so they gradually expanded their services to include mentally and physically impaired, autistic, and downs syndrome children in their rehabilitation and educational programs. They also hire teachers to work with deaf people who were not accepted into schools of the deaf. Since 2010, the center began taking cerebral palsy children and provided programs for them to reach their potential.

Shams el Birr provides for these special people, through a program of love, health care, rehabilitation, and education. The center arranges for disabled children to go to schools appropriate for their needs. When it is not possible to send them to a school, teachers are hired to come to the center and work with these children or adults. In addition, Sham el Birr provides vocational training appropriate for each child’s skill level. These programs include learning to operate knitting machines, sewing, shoemaking, and carpet weaving. They teach some young people carpentry skills as well. For those who can function in the community, the center helps them to find employment. Physiotherapists come twice a week, especially for the cerebral palsy children.

The center recognizes that disabled people often respond well to music, and some are even skilled.  Shams el Birr has initiated a music team, a chance for the musically skilled to share their gifts, performing inside and outside the center.

Shams el Birr provides regular training and refresher courses for its workers and personnel.  They also organize periodic seminars for parents- to help parents understand their children’s uniqueness and how they can help the individual child develop his or her potential.  The center continually encourages their families and tries to find the best way to help poor special needs children to reach their potential.

Your contribution to the gold basket will assist the society to continue serving these special people.


For information, contact Cathy at 2358-4719.  Contributions to the gold basket can be made at the MCC church office.