Dragon House is not a place to be missed. Located amidst Maadi’s lush foliage on the corner of Road 7 and Street 82 beside the Pearl Hotel, Dragon House’s multicultural menu of Chinese, Thai, and Indian cuisine allows guests’ palettes to travel across Asia without a passport. As the menu states, Dragon House seeks to bring the flavors “from The East…to The World” and that it does through its selection of affordable appetizers, entrees, and beverages.

In addition to the delicious food, the red accents, dark wood paneling, and the various Chinese artifacts, both antique and modern, can transplant guests from the bustling streets of downtown Maadi to a tranquil home in the Far East. The enjoyable experience of eating at Dragon House is also unique due to the excellent team of employees who are specialists in cuisine and hospitality. The team includes a chef from mainland China with over 30 years experience in the culinary industry as well as chef Bhandari from India, an expert in Indian curries, who makes fresh naan bread to order.

Dragon House is the ideal spot for groups large and small, as it has something on the menu for everyone. Some might be plagued with a bout of indecisiveness because the menu is just that vast. Nonetheless, the chefs at Dragon House treat each dish with attention and care,  ensuring it is impossible to make a wrong choice. Additionally, the waitstaff is extremely knowledgeable about the menu and can tailor recommendations to your personal flavor preferences and spice levels. Dragon House is also ready to accommodate those with allergies and food sensitivities and is happy to adjust any dish to suit the guest’s needs.

While nothing on the menu will disappoint, there are a few items which are particular standouts. Namely- “the tofu dishes.” All of the tofu featured on the menu is made in-house, and it shows. The texture is firm but instantly melts in your mouth. The home-style tofu dish and the hot and sour soup are especially good at showcasing the tofu’s excellence. Hand-made noodles are another specialty of Dragon House and should not be overlooked. Amongst the Thai offerings, it would be regretful not to order the red or green chicken curry. The broth is incredibly flavorful with a generous amount of coconut milk, fresh pepper, and scallion acting as the perfect backdrop to the tender meat. Be sure to include something from India in your selection! Despite its simplicity, the naan bread is an absolute knockout – arriving at the table still warm from the oven and carrying the aroma of fresh garlic and olive oil.

Of course, no meal would be complete without dessert or a beverage. Dragon House offers a wide selection of drinks ranging from freshly-squeezed orange juice to traditional Chinese green tea. The green tea acts as the perfect post-meal choice as it is known in eastern medicine to naturally aid digestion. Nonetheless, if it’s something sweet you’re after, Dragon House still has many options for you. The fried ice cream is a sweet tooth’s dream- a combination of warm dough, chilled vanilla ice cream, and coconut accents.

Mrs. Lan, the owner of the restaurant, has been a restaurateur in Egypt for over 20 years and knows how to deliver quality service. Her focus on serving the freshest of local ingredients and the best flavors of her homeland China is evident in the food. While her area of expertise is in Chinese cooking, Mrs. Lan also spent three months in Thailand where she learned how to prepare traditional curry, lessons she carries over to her restaurants where the Thai curries are a standout on the menu, and every element is made from scratch. Maadi’s Dragon House is not Mrs. Lan’s only restaurant in Cairo or Egypt for that matter, rather her attention to detail and passion for Asian cuisine has brought her success around the country, namely her restaurants in Alexandria and Sharm El Sheikh.

Easily accessible by car, foot, or metro, and offering a wide range of services such as delivery and catering, there is no excuse to not try Dragon House’s unique offerings of Chinese, Thai, and Indian cuisine. Additionally, Dragon House has both indoor and outdoor seating as well as a special Sunday buffet where it is possible to try everything on offer. If it’s an adventure your taste buds are after, look no further than Mrs. Lan’s wonderful establishment, Dragon House.