On my leisurely trip to Kenya, I found myself confronted with a wave of emotional, aesthetic, and cultural wealth that deeply moved me. As a photographer, I could not but succumb to the multitude of artistic and human stimuli that I was exposed to; Nairobi’s urban side of the population with its wildlife and the Maasai tribes, who maintain their traditions and culture, and how both realities correlate


As a fashion photographer,my work mainly concentrates on staging meticulously dressed human figures in space with a created emotion. Somehow, as I photographed the amazing people of the Maasai tribes, these elements fell so organically in place and with no real staging or deliberation. I was hit by the effortless human aesthetics, the alternative way of expressing vestimentary codes and refinement, the elegance of lines, and the emotional intimacy that they naturally conveyed. It was not staged fashion photography, nor was it candid documentary photography. It was a mutual visual, aesthetic, and intimate conversation that I was having with them.





Amina Zaher

Fashion Photographer

Amina Zaher is a Fashion photographer based in Cairo. She took her first steps in photography at the New York Film Academy in 2014. Her work has been published in several magazines worldwide the likes of in Vogue, Harper’s Bazaar, ELLE, LUCY’s Magazine and Jute Magazine among others. She has also shot campaigns for contemporary fashion houses and designers.

Zaheris known for her photographic experimentations and conceptual approach to fashion photography.